New version of strawman for IDNAv2

Adam M. Costello idna-update.amc+0+ at
Mon Mar 2 03:34:12 CET 2009

Mark Andrews <Mark_Andrews at> wrote:

> Mail applications regularly display mail domain names.

But do they display domain names received via DNS?  I don't think so, I
think they display domain names obtained from the message header.

For RFC-2822 (and 822) messages, which require the ACE form, the display
(converted back to Unicode from the ACE) will indeed be sub-optimal in
those cases where the normalization & case-folding chose a form that's
not best for display.

But there is already an experimental extension for UTF-8 message headers
(RFC 5335).  As internationalized domain names become more widespread, I
think it's likely that RFC 5335 or something like it will be adopted and
widely implemented, and the problem will go away for mail applications.

I expect the story will be similar for other applications that display
domain names.  If that's true, the form stored in the DNS will generally
be irrelevant to what users see.


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