John C Klensin klensin at jck.com
Thu Jun 18 21:51:35 CEST 2009


Having gotten tired of staring at the working copy and in the
hope that doing so inspires others, I've posted

Substantially all of the changes are editorial and intended to
improve clarity and readability.  Most of them reflect comments
from Lisa or changes I made after reviewing her comments.
Several of her suggestions were not incorporated despite my
belief that they would improve the text because the text in -09
and earlier was there at the specific request (or demand) of WG
participants that no one else pushed back on.

I have not made any changes to reflect the mapping document or
the discussions around it.  The WG needs to reach some sort of
consensus about that work before I can describe it in Rationale
or insert any needed text Protocol about its invocation.  IMO,
it would be desirable to get that done very soon so that the WG
has time to look at, and potentially revise, documents with the
correct text in them well prior to the Stockholm meeting.

I may issue "Defs" soon.  However, the only change to that
document in my queue is to reflect the existence of the mapping
document as part of the document set.  If anyone else has things
that should go into it, please say so soon, ideally before the
coming weekend.


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