idna-mapping update

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at
Mon Dec 21 17:44:45 CET 2009

On the "l·l" issue:

The .cat registry has been in discussion with graphic designers who 
want to recover the proper "l·l" use in typography.

The understanding of the graphical designers is that "l·l" should be a 
single character (so be written in one keystroke) as it used to be in 
the electronic typewriting machines and lead-mobile-type press.

The single-stroke "l·l" mysteriously disappeared from keyboards when 
the Spanish government decided to adapt keyboard standards in the 80s, 
when Spain got into the EU; they kept the "ñ" (n-tilde) but forgot 
about "l·l".

What IDNA proposes does not fix the isssue and introduces a variation 
on what .cat already has, so change is not, repeat NOT desired by the 
.cat registry, nor the Catalan domain name users.


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