idna-mapping update

Cary Karp ck at
Mon Dec 21 09:06:52 CET 2009

> it might be useful to hear from cary karp what the scope of the  
> committee actually is.

ICANN's basic declaration of the purpose of the Guidelines is:

"The Guidelines are a list of general standards for IDN registration 
policies and practices that are designed to minimize the risk of 
cybersquatting and consumer confusion, and respect the interests of 
local languages and character sets. Registries seeking to deploy IDNs 
under their agreements with ICANN have been authorized to do so on the 
basis of the Guidelines."

The scope of the document is not predetermined beyond this and is 
adjusted as need arises to serve the purposes that are deliberately 
stated in broad terms. The baseline assumption is that the work of the 
IETF provides the normative technical basis for the Guidelines.

I will prepare a more detailed note about the way the document is 
maintained during the course of the day.


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