PostWG IDNA2008 implementation, transition and deployment document preparation

Cary Karp ck at
Thu Dec 17 22:27:29 CET 2009

>> .MUSEUM has not participated in the Fast Track process in any manner
>>  whatsoever.
> This is what I find surprising since (a) you are part of the team 
> defining its guidelines, (b) I do not understand what .MUSEUM is no part 
> of it (is there not a Chinese, a Greek, or a Russian name for "Museum"), 
> why do we discuss the eszett if it cannot be part of FASTTRACK (c) this 
> seems in opposition with the RFC 5226 first come, first serve rule?

(a) .MUSEUM was the first sponsored gTLD to support IDNs and it was in 
that regard that I began participating in the Guidelines group. This was 
years before the Fast Track.

(b) The Fast Track is restricted to countries and territories that have 
two-letter ASCII codes in the ISO-3166 list. (How can you possibly have 
failed to note this?) Your question about the word for "museum" in 
languages written scripts other than Latin will have immediate practical 
consequence when it becomes possible to apply for IDN-labeled gTLDs, 
although I would expect the restriction on decorated Latin characters to 
be dropped in that process.

Support for Latin characters that are not part of US-ASCII has been an 
IDN concern since Day One. (And how can you possibly have failed to note 

(c) Again, I do not see the slightest relevance to this question.


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