Another Transition Plan Proposal

Cary Karp ck at
Wed Dec 16 13:59:14 CET 2009

> I would consider it a courtesy if you would offer to the
> ICANN Guidelines group both the current IDNA2008
> documents and the most recent proposed transition idea
> that has been circulated. Since you are also aware of
> the several other ideas discussed on the IDNA-UPDATE
> list, you are in a position to draw these ideas to the Guidlelines'
> group attention.

Tina is scheduling a meeting of the Guidelines group during the week of
January 11th, as the first in a series of six weekly meetings. This is
set to coincide with the end of the public commentary period for the
report on variant management, which runs until January 8th.

I will gladly see to it that the documents sent to the group include the
material you indicate, together with a summary of the salient aspects of
the discussion on the IDNABIS list.


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