Re-sending TXT form of Proposed IDNA2008 Transition Idea

Patrik Fältström patrik at
Mon Dec 14 21:06:58 CET 2009

On 14 dec 2009, at 20.37, Steve Crocker wrote:

> First, each registry, in cooperation with its registrars, could use the sunrise period to register all of the variants that are automatically mapped together under IDNA2003 but will become separate under IDNA2008.

I would be careful with the wording. Having the registries and/or registrars registering a domain name "on behalf of" their registrants is a big no-no, and on top of this, there is not as far as I know any information in the registered domain names whether the registrant did envision the registered domain name as a mapping or not.

Because of this, the registration from my point of view during the sunrise must be done on request from the registrant.

What the registry and registrars should do is to come up with a plan for the sunrise that also include PR/Marketing, pricing structure, and pure mechanics so that the registrants (and their customers) are surprised as little as possible.


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