Mississippi Hißes

Cary Karp ck at nic.museum
Mon Dec 14 07:46:44 CET 2009

> I don't mind if the working group decides that it doesn't want to
> build some bundling form into the standard, but that should be presented
> as "because we choose not to", not "because we can't".

It can also be presented as "many registries think it is a bad idea".

> I conceed that I didn't think of Michael's private use of a subdomain.

Since when are third-level domains in the DNS private?

> I meant that legally (real laws, not computer standards), it was earlier
> stated that, in Germany, trademark law would disallow a company from
> differentiating from another company's trademark only on the form of the
> ss/Eszett. If our social system disallows such assigmnents, I postulated
> that it is illogical for us to enable a technical scenario that the
> target society wouldn't allow us to use. (Except for the
> my-server-in-my-domain case, which I hadn't allowed.)

The established practice for most TLDs is to accept labels for 
registration without prior control of their being trademarks. The extent 
to which a label may be an infringement is determined after the fact 
through special dispute resolution processes or in the courts.


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