Re: Mississippi Hißes

Patrik Fältström patrik at
Sun Dec 13 21:14:28 CET 2009

On 13 dec 2009, at 12.16, Alexander Mayrhofer wrote:

> Even worse, bundling introduces a lot of side effects on registry processes, and make all those processes harder to understand for the registrant.
> For example:
> - what do you do when the registrant transfers one of the "bundled" domains to a different registrar? 
> - When he changes ownership of one of the bundled domains? 
> - When he re-delegates just one out of the 8 bundled domains?  Do you "block" the transaction until the registrant has applied the same transaction to those other domains as well? 
> - What do you do if the registrant cancels one domain out of the bundle? 
> - What if he doesn't pay for one of them? 
> (And that's the result of just 10 minutes of brainstorming...)
> Therefore, it makes sense for registries to avoid bundling at almost any cost, and hence and hißß.at should be two completely independent domains.

I do not agree with the conclusion.

I think it helps to have some kind of bundling at the time of registration. If then later the registrants "do funky stuff" (a multitude of things comes to mind), then the registry can not prohibit that.


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