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Michael Everson everson at
Fri Dec 11 19:41:20 CET 2009

On 11 Dec 2009, at 18:29, John C Klensin wrote:

>> I agree with you that Michael can put whatever he wants into  
>> If, however, no client software ever ends up  
>> going there, it doesn't matter much what he does. So if he wants to  
>> have <$> (which equals <>),  
>> there isn't anything stopping him -
>> it just won't work in practice.
> But this is exactly where the relationship between some of our  
> discussions and Internet reality turns problematic.

Indeed, and if my domains refused to resolve I would be pretty annoyed.

> There are a few open source browsers and several more open source  
> mail clients, and clients for other applications, out there.

Lots and lots of them. And many are used in public administration in  
some jurisdictions.

> Even for some of the things that aren't open source, plugins work  
> and often aren't hard to construct.   So such names might be of use  
> only to Michael and whatever friends he got to run compatible  
> software.

Until it gets out of the bottle. Like emoji did.

Michael Everson *

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