Another Transition Plan Proposal

Andrew Sullivan ajs at
Fri Dec 11 16:11:33 CET 2009

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 07:07:05PM -0500, Eric Brunner-Williams wrote:

> Historically they have opposed any policy but FCFS, and if that leads 
> to a happy plethora of odd characters, and it has, that's their policy 
> preference.

I am no longer an Afilias employee, and I have no interest in it, but
I want to note that the above is unfair to their policies.  The people
behind IDNA in .info worked plenty hard to make sensible registration
policies (and to make the original proposed ones better), and I don't
think it does anyone any service to suggest that they won't try to do
The Right Thing if this WG makes recommendations.  It's relevant in
this case because I believe they were the first gTLD to offer German
registrations.  (All of that said, I think it's too bad they didn't
ensure that someone was paying attention to this WG and offering
constructive comments.)


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