Mississippi Hißes

Cary Karp ck at nic.museum
Fri Dec 11 08:40:50 CET 2009

 > I get that Herr Fuß and Herr Fuss are different people
 > and pronounce their names differently and all that

Last time I looked, "fuß" and "fuss" were totally unrelated words in the 
dictionaries of two languages that figure prominently in the present 
discussion. Either is a perfectly reasonable second-level label in any 
unrestricted gTLD, and certainly in many ccTLDs as well. Since when is 
there a presumption that second-level labels in, say, .DE or .AT, are 
intrinsically related to German?

How many times does it need to be noted that:

- the DNS has no way of conveying language-specific information about a 

- the DNS in no way requires or assumes that a label has any language 

- a domain does not intrinsically bequeath any categorizable information 
to its children beyond its own identity?


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