Another Transition Plan Proposal

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Part of my reasoning is that different clients are agile in different ways.  If IE planned to deploy this in, say, september, and then an "important registrar" asked for it to be october instead, it'd be very difficult to change.  So if there is a transition period, I want a deadline that doesn't move.   That sets expectations whether the community can make the deadline or not.

I really don't want a time-trigger in the code, that'd cause all sorts of havoc.  The closest would be an update on the deadline, though I don't think any of the products I support would be that picky, it'd be their next scheduled release after that deadline.


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On 10/12/09 15:47, Shawn Steele wrote:
> For the time frame I want a deadline.

OK... but I'd add a strong caveat that solutions which require software 
to know what time it is are to be avoided if at all possible.

I am not saying "deploy some code in IE now, and have it turn itself on 
in six months". I am saying "write a patch for IE soon, and in six 
months time check it in to your current development branch". If six 
months turns into eight due to delays, and in the mean time the "current 
development branch" of IE switches from branch A to branch B, that's no 
big deal. Just check in when everyone's ready, or when you think the 
remaining people complaining aren't important enough ;-)

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