Another Transition Plan Proposal

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Fri Dec 11 02:16:13 CET 2009

And we go back to the "Phishers don't need IDN thread to phish thread."  :)

More seriously, wouldn't not-bundling make it easier on the phishers?  In a bundling world, if is already registered, then I'd have a hard time registering fuß.com to catch all those users going to 

(Less seriously again:  ooo, it was a random example, but I HAD to type it in and actually goes to a bank, maybe I should change careers and become a phisher!)


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Except one then starts permitting, e.g., ß in strings that have nothing to do with German and putting it in front of people who, absent other clues and seeing what they expect to see, might consider it visually confusable with Greek beta or even Latin "b".  Solving the transition problem by making a gift to the phishers does not seem to me to be optimal.



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