IDNA2003/2008/2010 transition

Brottier dr.brottier at
Wed Dec 9 13:55:08 CET 2009

Dear EBW,
I am sorry. I thought the IETF gathered reasonable persons. That they were
in charge of serious responsibilities. That they wished to consider issues
in a competent and scientific manner. I understand why I was wrong believing
I could help. I was told it is better to build among users/co-owners of the
Internet, rather than to contribute to limited scope WGs. I quoted René Thom
because his theories were often sensationalized and misunderstood in
America. Also, because one of its former students was among the destinees
and could interestingly comment. And obviously because Thom/Culioli are of
linguistic reference (except among teams of Chomskyan hardcoded brains) when
having to address an IDNA like complexity.
If you are so good I am sure you will quickly help your colleagues through
IDNA. I studied the case, gave and probed my diagnosis, got it partly
confirmed by you and found that RFC 3774 concurred. Interested people have
now all what I could contribute with.

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