Shawn Steele Shawn.Steele at microsoft.com
Mon Dec 7 23:38:44 CET 2009

It seems that we're bouncing the same ideas around over and over again.  What I think I've heard are:

* Just make the characters PVALID, do not map or transition and just live with any breaking pain.  Some bundling would happen by the TLD registrars.
* Don't change anything from IDNA2003.  (I don't think anyone really wants that).
* Some sort of transition from IDNA2003 to a separate characters state:
	* A period where the new form was disallowed and not mapped
	* A period where the new form was mapped, but not allowed for registration
	* Other variations, but there is a long time where support is either incomplete &/or still backwards compatible.
* Some in-between 2003/2008 form where they are still bundled by the standard, but allowed to be independently accessible.
	* Display form mechanism without adding true PVALID characters.
	* Lookup form where both forms are PVALID, but there's some mapping for lookup.

The WG seems pretty mixed.  Are there any new ideas?

- Shawn

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