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>Basically, the owner of a label that contains "ss" also "owns" the equivalent label with Eszett. So the client must "ask" the >current owner (using the "ss" label) if that owner has "released" the equivalent name with Eszett, and allows another owner to >take it. Then the client can do another lookup with the Eszett name (in Punycode), and take it from there.

I think that we're clear that Eszett has to be allowed.  However it is not clear to me that there is a compelling reason why "the equivalent label" (whether eszett or ss) needs to be allowed to go to a distinct place.   If not, then your suggestion is overkill and maybe there's an easier way to resolve it.


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I do really appreciate that you invested a lot of thinking and time into this proposal - it's quite interesting. However, the longer i think about all those options, it seems to me this is - sadly enough - "choosing between pest and cholera".

One option (simply declaring "ß" PVALID, and waiting for deployment) has the potential to create failures in certain scenarios - the other scenario (adding infrastructure in the DNS to allow for publishing of policies) sounds like the "how many engineers do you need to need to screw in a lightbulb?" question. It's a fairly complicated solution that requires new infrastructure in the DNS, has the potential to double lookups, for a problem that hopefully is less significant than we think. 

I strive to adhere to the KISS principle - and even though that means that we might experience some failures during the transition period, i'd like to adhere to it in that case, and choose the first scenario (risking some failures, but keeping it as simple as it always was.)

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