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Thu Dec 3 05:26:37 CET 2009

(How'd this thread lose UTF-8)?

> It isn't that you can't use a sharp-s or a final sigma in IDNA2003. You
> just can't make a domain name *distinction* from "ss" or medial sigma,
> respectively, for them.

Yes, I think that's well said.  I'd also like to point out that just because you can't make a distinction does NOT mean that the newly PVALID forms must somehow magically turn into the IDNA2003 forms.

Eg: I'm not trying to say that if you want Eszett you should be forced to end up with ss.  It may be that for one domain (weiβ maybe) Eszett is appropriate for correct spelling, and a different domain (strauss maybe), ss is appropriate for correct spelling.  Those two can coexist (weiβ & strauss), but you can't differentiate between the other forms (weiβ & weiss.)

I further think the indications are that if they could co-exist, then people that might care would bundle them anyway, making the distinction moot.  However even that doesn't change that someone wants β spelled with an β and not an ss, and I think it's quite important that we enable them to spell their domain correctly.

- Shawn

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