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> Lisa's repeating the error, claiming that some random heap of code is
> more important than all or almost all of the users of a particular
> value of a sequence of octets, because the users are organized as
> residents of states, rather than as the customers of a monopoly, or
> some other installed base of running code.
That's certainly not what I claim.  I only claimed that we cannot toss out a
WG decision, or force a decision on a WG, based on a chosen expert.  What
expert and who would pick them?

I did claim that running code was an important influence on a WG consensus,
by tradition, habit and official encouragement.
 - First, that doesn't mean it's the only influence, or the most important
influence in some considerations.
 - Second, the term is used both strictly, as in to demonstrate
interoperability directly, and also loosely. By loose interpretations of
"running code" you could claim that how a country uses a character in
printed books was a form of deployed code that can be used as factual

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