Integration of BIDI into the protocol

Harald Alvestrand harald at
Mon Aug 24 16:07:00 CEST 2009

James Mitchell wrote:
> I am not attempting to reopen discussion on inter/intra label tests.
> To clarify my earlier email, I am not concerned about the display
> ordering of the name in question.  The issue is a mismatch between the
> registration and lookup protocols.
> The registration protocol asks the question of the label '123abc', which
> left-to-right is not required to satisfy BIDI.  However, the lookup
> protocol says that one SHOULD apply the BIDI test (on I assume the
> name).  Applying the BIDI test to this name will fail and the name will
> not be looked up.
> As a registry, should I allow registration of the name 123abc.RTL?
My recommendation is that you should (as a registry) establish policy 
that says "it is not allowed". The protocol does not require you to do so.
> As an application, should I lookup the name 123abc.RTL?
The protocol does not say that you can't. For the obvious reasons, I 
think it's a legitimate implementor decision to decide not to.


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