Tamil Numerals in IDNA - Re: WG Last Call for Four Primary IDNABIS I-Ds

James Mitchell james.mitchell at ausregistry.com.au
Fri Aug 21 05:26:40 CEST 2009

Are we wanting to set the expectation that specific IDN groups can make
characters DISALLOWED?  What should happen once this WG concludes and
another IDN group decides some of their characters should be DISALLOWED; do
we reopen this WG and publish updated documents?  Note that the original
email said that it was believed that a similar situation exists for other
South Indian scripts as well as Thai.

I appreciate the work done by the Sri Lanka IDN Task Force, however believe
this information should be made available to those registries wishing to
support Tamil and not made an exception in the protocol.  How this
information is made available is another question, but putting it into these
documents does not seem the right place.


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> --On Friday, August 21, 2009 12:02 +1000 James Mitchell
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> > I disagree.
> >
> > This is a result of case-by-case analysis of individual
> > characters.  If one does not want the characters in a label
> > then do not allow them during registration.
> James, without taking a position on this, it is not
> "case-by-case analysis of individual characters".  It is
> exclusion of a block, albeit a small one.
>     john

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