Tamil Numerals in IDNA - Re: WG Last Call for Four Primary IDNABIS I-Ds

Gihan Dias gihan at cse.mrt.ac.lk
Fri Aug 21 05:12:41 CEST 2009

2009-08-21 පෙ.ව. 7:32 දින, James Mitchell ලිව්වා:
> I disagree.
> This is a result of case-by-case analysis of individual characters.  If one
> does not want the characters in a label then do not allow them during
> registration.

We considered this approach, but then how would an individual registry 
decide whether to allow or disallow a character unless it were in an 
official document (e.g. an RFC)?

We need to have a single clear set of valid characters, and currently 
the only such list [and associated algorithm] is in 

2009-08-21 පෙ.ව. 7:49 දින, Paul Hoffman ලිව්වා:
>   The author alerts us to the fact that there are other likely sets of digits that might be treated similarly, but he didn't specify a way to handle the exception.
Yes. we only raised the set which concerns Sri Lanka, but I believe the 
lack of usage and similarity with other letters is true for several 
other language digits.

I am sorry to bring it up at this late stage, but we were under the 
(mistaken) impression that this matter was being addressed.



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