comments on draft-ietf-idnabis-bidi

Alireza Saleh saleh at
Thu Aug 13 12:16:09 CEST 2009

> The label uniqueness requirement is, to my mind, necessary. It is part 
> of the reason for the design of the test. Eliminating it while keeping 
> the same rules will not do any good - it will make it more difficult to 
> verify if any later change continues to satisfy the requirements that 
> the original rules were designed for.
>                     Harald
I agree, actually this is part of the rationale that brings the 
subsequent rules which should be implemented to satisfy the rationale 
behind it,  and that's why I suggested to move them into rationale document.

In order to improve the flexibility of having AN and EN being mixed in a 
label without having label dis-uniqueness problem there are two 
candidates in my mind as the replacement of the current bidi text 
discuss about forbidding the mix of AN and EN within a label :
1) In cases that the closest strong BIDI character is AL the mixing of 
AN and EN is possible according to W2 rule of UNICODE tr9 document.
2) Mixing the AN and EN is possible only if the label contains strong 
BIDI character of type AL.


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