BIDI spec

Harald Alvestrand harald at
Tue Aug 11 05:59:24 CEST 2009

Mark Davis ⌛ wrote:
> > An RTL label is a label that contains at least one character of type 
> R or AL.
> I believe you should also add "AN". There are cases where it affects 
> ordering.
It does, but weirdly. The rules currently outlaw anythng but R and AL in 
the first position, so it seems to simplify things to leave the status 
of an AN-only label undefined.
> > Rules can also be specified at the protocol level, but while the 
> example above involves right-to-left characters, this is not 
> inherently a BIDI problem.
> Unless you anticipate future revisions of the protocol document in 
> this direction, the "can also" should be changed to "could also have 
> been".
The current status is, I believe, that some are specified in -tables, 
which I call "protocol level". Should there be an explicit reference?


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