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Vint Cerf vint at google.com
Thu Apr 16 14:21:32 CEST 2009

M. Legoff,

Whatever may be motivating you and your colleagues to post on the IDNABIS
working group list, it is my frank assessment that continued attempts to
argue that the working group is off charter or is assuming responsibility
that you think an IETF working group should not have or that the working
group should be pursuing Jefsey Morfin's Multilingual DNS ideas are
counterproductive not only for you and your colleagues but for the progress
of this working group.

Continued postings arguing for "multi-lingual DNS" or changes to the DNS
architecture are simply not in the mandate of this working group.

At the moment, we just need to define the mapping function(s) we agreed upon
at the last face/face meeting and confirmed again on the mailing list.
Continued postings that divert from this goal will lead to cancellation of
working group list posting privileges.

vint cerf

On 4/15/09, Xavier Legoff <xlegoff at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Cerf,
> I am used to accademic excentricity. I also understand that being
> confronted to Mr. Everson is a sophomore ritual.
> In our statement we tried to limit ourselves to what directly belongs
> or affects the very well defined area of this WG. i.e. the end to end
> support of Unicode through TCP/IP languaging.
> Mr. Everson's troll engages a little further. I do not wish this WG to
> waste time. But if you feel that some of these points need to be
> discussed more in detail, please let us know.
> We tried not to look pedantic to people who know their own trade. We
> are just worried when they consider taking "small" non concerted
> decisions without concerting with other trades where the impact can be
> gigantic.
> Sincerely.
> Xavier Legoff
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