consensus on TATWEEL

Patrik Fältström patrik at
Mon Apr 13 16:09:37 CEST 2009

On 13 apr 2009, at 06.38, Vint Cerf wrote:

> U+0640 ( ‎ـ‎ ) ARABIC TATWEEL (aka kashida)
> the overwhelming consensus on this character is to make it  
> disallowed at protocol level.
> Patrik,
> can this be done without serious damage to the philosophy behind the  
> construction of TABLES?

It is today PVALID (as it matches rule A), so it will be added as an  
exception to the Exception table.

This is what the Exception table is designed for, so it does not  
damage the philosophy (more than the fact that we (IETF) should limit  
the number of exceptions I think -- and trust what UTC has said about  
the various codepoints).


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