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The word "giggle" seems offensive for the Arabia Saoudia Government. Or may
be you also are affiliated to the GNI? The most prestigious HR
organisations declined to join this internationalization lobby. The reason
why is that language and freedom of speech technical support (as in this WG)
is first about respecting peoples, and their national laws and cultures.

This being said, "babelnames" is (i.e. names with an ASCII meaningfull,
unlawfull or TMed text, is an issue discussed by france at large for a long
(cf. old http://jean-franç<>page
which quotes it).

I quickly went through the france at large archives:

- Jaap, you may remember that two years ago you were conveyed (as ICANN) by
JFC to attend a meeting in Paris over internationalization where he rose
this very issue for IDNA. You are reported as having considered the issue as

- John, during the ITU/UNESCO meeting in Geneva where you would have implied
that MINC ITLD nameservers' IP addresses might be unsecure, JFC rose the
babelnames issue with WIPO. This lead to a direct discussion where JFC
reported ICANN/IPC concerns. Some others on this list where present.

This is one of the reasons why france at large demands an end to end Zone
Manager full control on the DN international added value. As you know
france at large is a candidate to the delegation of ".fr" and a member of the
".fra" initiative ( We fully support the AFNIC position
(which is required by the French law) about the "termes fondamentaux" which
cannot be registered, either as foul or as reserved names ( These terms prefixed by
"xn--" should not be permitted.

The babelTLDs are also a serious international issue which was in particular
discussed by Norway.

Rémy Renardin.

2009/4/13 Jaap Akkerhuis <jaap at>

> The next message "Saudis ban 'lewd' license plates"
> made me giggle. Of course, IDNA will have to deal
> with this problem as well :-).
>        jaap
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