Mapping Stability/Storage (was Re: M-Label or MVALID, and dangers with mappings?)

Patrik Fältström patrik at
Sun Apr 12 03:54:49 CEST 2009

On 12 apr 2009, at 03.38, Mark Davis wrote:

> So you are saying that Gmail (my emailer) would non-conformant
> under IDNA2008 to have sent   "http://Ö <>"  
> to you,
> and your emailer was also non-conformant by sending
> "http://Ö<>
> "  back?

Let me try a 2nd a different way.

I am not saying your email client did the wrong thing. What I am  
saying is that if you want to be sure that when I take the text that  
you sent me and insert the text in whatever client I have that take  
care of _domain_names_ (not URIs) then you MUST send me either an A- 
label or U-label.

Just because there is a MUST in that statement does not imply the  
oposite is a MUST NOT.

Just look at HTML code that is sent to the browsers. They all  
interpret various parts of the HTML spec differently.

Just look at copying and pasting URI's from free text that is sent in  
an email and insert into some software that interpret URIs, the  
interpretation is different already today.

And when interpreting _text_ you will most certainly have locale- 
dependent mapping and "support" that is "helping", so things will only  
get worse.


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