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Thanks mark! 

Folks please advise if disparities are detected between the tool and rules found in specs. 


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I took the program I talked about last week, and made an online tool for IDNA, at

You can put different possible labels in, and see what happens to them with the current IDNA and the draft IDNAbis. The labels can also use \uXXXX escaping, if you know the code point number but can't type the code, and there is a Picker that you can use to compose text. When something fails IDNAbis, then the reason is shown.

You can also control the mapping to see what effect that has. The basis of the mapping is IDNA2003-style (NFKC-CF-RDI), but you can change that to exclude characters, either listed individually or by property. Example:

[:any:] excludes mapping all characters
[:di:] excludes mapping default ignorable characters
[ß ς [:Join_C:]] excludes mapping the current four special characters.
and so on. There is a full list on

In particular, using [:any:] shows the results of no mapping.

I tried to add some examples that illustrated different features, like "ȡog", which has a post Unicode 3.2 character. Please let me know of other examples that would be useful to have by default.


*	The UI is a bit rough; I just used some off-the-shelf components. If there is something you find unusable, please let me know; or if you have other suggestions.
*	As discussed previously, I think I match the tables document except for a few context cases. These are in the rules file 


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