Q1 is mapping on lookup permanent or transitional?

Xavier Legoff xlegoff at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 11:59:38 CEST 2009

Dear Mr. Klensin,I was recently copied the mail you sent two days ago. I am
now on this mailing list. Until now I did not beleive what I was told about
the WG-IDNABIS confusion, except that you were the right man in the right
place, and about the ubiquity of Mr. Falström (civil society, civil servant,
very civil Cisco Director) I will not be able to meet on such short notice
in Brussels next week, being on vacations.

This mail of yours, shows me you forget you can always purposely or
mechnically reduce what you tell people. But in so doing you reduce their
ability to answer you. This way you reduce the general level of the
intellectual, human, business exchanges. This way you hurt me, my people, my
kids. You will accept that I cannot accept that. Hence, this reminder.

People are not machines. I believed it was obvious to the members of this
group. I see there is still a long way to go. This is something we cannot
help you accepting. Your Chair said he did not want it anyway, banning ours.

I hope someday you understand there are American, French, Chinese, Bambara,
etc. cultures and languages and that they are not exactly the same as IETF,
Microsoft or Googles OS and protocols. They are both much more complex and
powerfull. The exciting challenge is not in twisting a dumb protocol, but
facing, supporting and facilitating the linguistic and multilinguistic
intelligence of the human thinking.

We hope that at this time, with all those on this list who then understand
this is not a business but a human development issue, you will join and help
us rather than trying to tie us in supposedly commercially advantageous
irreversible thinking limitations, through protocol mappings and
disallowings etc. People are not just users if users are mererly considered
as payment terminals.

I perused WG-IDNABIS archives prior to send this post. To understand better
what I was told. I understand better now why I was explained that you are
blocked by your own digital/semantic strata violations. These things are not
easy to understand, neither for a philosopher I am sure, nor for an engineer
I presume. However, once we accept their basics, they may be less complex to
deal with.

I wish you good luck!
But please do not confuse me with the McLeopard of my daughter.
Xavier Legoff

Le 9 avril 2009 11:16, JFC Morfin <jefsey at jefsey.com> a écrit :

> Je vous transmets un mail de John Klensin qui est pourtant le plus
> avancé de nos techies américains. Il montre bien que nous sommes sur
> deux planètes différentes. Ceci nous donne toute légitimité pour bâtir
> notre Internet PLUS sur lequel asseoir l'Intersem. Sinon à les
> attendre constamment nous serons de plus en plus en retard.
> Ils ne cherchent pas à progresser mais à faire prendre des habitus
> techniques et comportementaux irréversibles qu'ils croient à leur
> avantage ou qu'ils estiment acceptables, faute d'avoir suffisament
> réfléchi, le nez dans le guidon de leur technique. Ils prennent
> vraiment les utilisateurs pour des terminaux de paiement.
> Ils ne voient pas qu'en ramenant la typographie du français à la
> typographie de l'anglais, ils créent une énorme perte de sens et de
> culture dont eux-mêmes souffriront énormément en retour. Ce sont des
> Talibans détruisant les anciennes statues boudhiques. Il faut ensuite
> des années (ici probablement des siècles) à l'UNESCO pour réparer les
> dégats faits en une seconde par le tir d'un char, ici le paragraphe
> (voire le mot) d'une RFC.
> jfc
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> Date: 2009/4/7
> Subject: RE: Q1 is mapping on lookup permanent or transitional?
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> --On Monday, April 06, 2009 15:01 +0200 Alexander Mayrhofer
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> >...
> > It should be required. If the user experience changes from one
> > implementation to another implementation, users will be
> > confused, disturbed, and will complain.
> Of course, user experience changes regularly, both between
> implementations and between versions of the same implementation.
> Users get confused and disturbed.  Then they complain.  And then
> they adapt.
> And, if any of
>    Mac System 9.x -> Mac System X
>    Windows 3.1 -> Windows 95
>    Windows XP -> Windows Vista
>    MS Office 2003 and earlier -> MS Office 2007
>    Internet Explorer 6 -> Internet Explorer 7
> can be used as examples (and I have many more, but they would
> probably be less familiar), they adapt a whole lot faster than
> "forever".   What we need is a plausible reason for making the
> change other than "we did this to irritate you".  The users
> don't necessarily have to believe that reason, but it has to be
> plausible.
>      john
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