Q2: What mapping function should be used in a revised IDNA2008specification?

"Martin J. Dürst" duerst at it.aoyama.ac.jp
Wed Apr 8 03:37:48 CEST 2009

Hello John,

Part of your problem (:-) is that you have been around and working on 
Internet stuff for longer than many or most of us. That's why you have 
such a long-term perspective. Others just don't have that (yet).

Of course I fully agree with you regarding "Faßbier" and the like. I 
think it would be quite easy for the German and Austrian registry to 
announce the new availability of the " "ß" with a campaign along the lines
"True  'ß' finally made available, please make sure you get yours"
or some such.

Regards,    Martin.

On 2009/04/08 3:39, John C Klensin wrote:

> Part of my problem understanding this is that, if I were a
> registry in a German-speaking country, I'd assume that the
> Internet was going to continue to expand (with organizations and
> registrations expanding along with it).   I would therefore
> assume that, over the next few decades, I'd far prefer to
> explain to some folks that I previously told would have to live
> without Eszett because of a bad IETF decision that the decision
> had been reversed and that, if they wanted an Eszett-containing
> name, they had better get it... rather than explaining, for the
> next 20 years, why "Faßbier" is really spelled fassbier,
> contrary to every dictionary in the country.  Explaining why
> correctly-spelled nouns, starting in upper-case characters, come
> back in lower case would just about as much aggravation as I
> would want to wish for.
> Obviously, you should make whatever decisions you are making on
> whatever basis you want to make them.  But I am surprised that
> the longer-term, continued-growth, perspective doesn't seem to
> be entering into the discussion.
> regards,
>      john
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