looking up domain names with unassigned code points

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Tue May 13 06:59:22 CEST 2008

Thank you Mark for this important computation.

At 02:39 13/05/2008, John C Klensin wrote:
>So it is actually reasonable to infer that, if people start
>generating strings at random and building putative A-labels from
>them, most of the results will be invalid for one reason or
>another, independent of future version of Unicode.  If I were
>designing an application that was doing lookup, that, plus the
>display concerns, would almost certainly induce me to try to
>convert the string to U-label form and test it before trying to
>look it up.   I still don't think we should try to require that
>behavior, but...

This also means that there is an impressive pool of funycodes, i.e. 
non IDN conflicting xn-- DNs that can be used, for example, to fool 
users or for other purposes. I am sure there are "xn--Famous-TM" 
among them. I suppose this calls for an urgent discussion with WIPO 
on this in order to protect that TM owners from legal impact as an 
"xn--Famous-TM" funycode will display in ASCII everywhere. This may 
lead WIPO to consider "x--n" instead of "xn--" as "x--nFamous-TM" is 
something less conflicting.

This certainly makes interesting Louis Bleriot's suggestion of a 
funycode filter that could be implemented as an anti-virus option. I 
suggest that WIPO and IPC are invited to the Paris review meeting I proposed.

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