Archaic scripts

LB lbleriot at
Mon May 12 23:46:00 CEST 2008

2008/5/12 Erik van der Poel <erikv at>:
> Hello Louis,
>  Would you please be more specific about the issues that you have with
>  the current drafts? Are some of the French characters supposed to be
>  PVALID instead of DISALLOWED? Which ones?

This is not difficult. I want everything that I want every day and not
what I do not want. When I want. I think I need just a binary table
that corresponds to Unicode where I copy the filter of my screen or of
my printer or of my application. With a private party so that I can
create and add symbols that I want. This table could actually be
two-bit codes to enable an approach that matches quadrinary for the
proposals by John Klensin. I will think the above with france at large
and ISOC France. It is important that we refine to see if this is
necessary. Perhaps a bit could also be for bidi? Question: what is the
maximum size of Unicode? what would be available in a mobile ROM ?

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