John C Klensin klensin at jck.com
Sat May 10 23:08:25 CEST 2008


I've just decided that further tuning of this version of the
draft is unproductive and that the right thing to do is to get
it up.  It should appear in the archives relatively soon, at
least assuming that whatever got Patrik's drafts stuck does not
affect this one.

See the change log for significant changes from
draft-klensin-idnabis-issues-07, but note the following...

* This version reflects list discussion to the extent to which I
could make sense of it.   A few pages of material that discussed
relationships to IDNA2003 have been removed as not critical to
understanding this material and IDNA2008.   That material could,
of course, be put back in if there is consensus for doing so.  

* The contextual rules appendix has been moved to the Protocol
document, which I expect to have up in the first part of the
week.  It didn't belong in this one.  Maybe it doesn't belong
there either, but I've asked some folks to check the preliminary
versions of the regular expressions and haven't gotten a
response yet and didn't want to hold this up further.  So, while
I had not intended to move this until we reached some
conclusions about document organization, the pragmatics of
getting this out get in the way, and...

* With those two exceptions, I've made no changes in response to
comments suggesting that material be moved from one document to
another.   First we decide how we want things organized, then we
move things.  Otherwise, we will all go crazy as we try to
compare versions of documents, etc.

* In addition to general list comments, I have applied the
changes in some long lists of suggestions from Mark on -07 and
Cary on -06 (that didn't make it into -07).   Comments in those
documents suggesting moving text to other documents have been
put aside as well as suggestions from which it is clear from the
list that we have no consensus.   I'll produce point-by-point
lists of responses to those documents if Vint and the authors of
the comments decide it is worth the effort (it would take some
hours that I'd rather spend on "Protocol" and the inevitable
next round of comments on Rationale.  Otherwise, I've got
handwritten markup on paper versions of those notes that I could
scan and send to them if desired.

* The references to other IDNA2008/IDNA200X documents are
probably a little wonky due to not being able to anticipate what
is coming when.   Off-list notes about corrections needed would
be appreciated, but they will probably be corrected
spontaneously before -01 appears.

Happy reading,

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