Relation of IDNA to Conformance classes in UAX 31 (was: Re: Archaic scripts)

Kenneth Whistler kenw at
Fri May 9 02:59:58 CEST 2008

> a question not directly related to table 4: has it been discussed what 
> kind of conformance class IDNAbis could be? If one wanted to apply

It would meet R1 based on a profile declaration:

"Alternatively, it shall declare that it uses a profile and
define that profile with a precise specification of the
characters that are added to or removed from the above
[ID_Start and ID_Continue] properties and/or provide a list
of additional constraints on identifiers."

That is precisely what the rules and table derivation for
the idnabis-table document accomplish, by defining
for all characters, along with whatever constraints
are defined by rule for CONTEXTO and CONTEXTJ characters.

Then, by the way the tables are constructed, IDNA 2008
would also meet R6 and R7, automatically.

Not that I think IDNA 2008 is going to *want* to claim
conformance to UAX #31, but nothing, in principle, would
stand in the way of such a claim if it chose to do so.


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