Registry restrictions

Paul Hoffman phoffman at
Tue May 6 16:35:25 CEST 2008

At 2:58 PM +0200 5/6/08, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
>Nice on paper but not realistic. We do not prevent (in the DNS
>standard) ".cm" for adding a wildcard which allow them to typosquatt
>".com". Why should we prevent them from registering some IDN domain

Which "we" are you talking about here? It looks like you are wearing 
your ICANN hat and your IETF hat at the same time and mixing the two 
of them up.

>The whole discussion seems to imply that the IETF is a sort of
>Internet police in charge of protecting the poor users against
>unspecified dangers. This directly leads to a dangerous hubris (and it
>is also a direct violation of the charter).

I read Gerv's assertion as just the opposite of what you did: leave 
to the registries the issues that only affect them and their 
customers, and have the standard cover the issues that affect all 
users. Where the heck does "police" come into that?

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