Reserved general punctuation

Frank Ellermann hmdmhdfmhdjmzdtjmzdtzktdkztdjz at
Thu May 1 23:47:47 CEST 2008

Mark Davis wrote:

> Pattern_Syntax:


Good, that covers u+2705 and u+260E.  But tables-00 has
them as different, u+260E is DISALLOWED, u+2705 is only
UNASSIGNED.  Bullet 8 (unassigned) matches u+2705, it
has to match before (bullets 5, 6, or 7 => DISALLOWED).

(5) 2.1.2 "unstable" is not about unassigned dingbats.
(6) 2.1.3 "ignorable properties" could do, a definition
          "not recommended for use in identifiers" is 
          apparently near to the "pattern syntax" idea.
(7) 2.1.4 "ignorable blocks" is shaky, you said that it
          is no good idea to rely on blocks, correct ?

At the moment u+1D127 is DISALLOWED matching rule 7, and
u+266D is also DISALLOWED, unfortunately I don't see why.

Your "pattern syntax" magic catches u+266D, the output is
apparently limited to the BMP, I don't see u+1D127.  Okay,
one of the excessively stupid questions, could the rules
for the tables use "pattern syntax" as a simplification ?

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