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Patrik Fältström patrik at
Thu May 1 06:10:45 CEST 2008

On 1 maj 2008, at 02.35, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

> The intent of the table derivation for draft-ietf-idna-tables-00.txt,
> as I understand it is that all unassigned code points should
> always be UNASSIGNED in the table, regardless of what other
> properties they might have in Unicode data files.
> Therefore, we have an ordering bug in the algorithm that is
> deriving the table, because it has decided that 2065..2069
> should be DISALLOWED, based on their occurring in the
> class defined by category C, when they clearly should be
> UNASSIGNED, based on their status as unassigned in Unicode 5.1.

Thanks Ken, what I thought. We completely agree.

This is exactly why I asked what people wanted (but I did not write so  
much text...):

A. All unassigned codepoints (unassigned according to not existing in  
UnicodeData.txt, because that is what I have found is defining  
"unassigned") should be UNASSIGNED [This is fixed by reordering the  
rules in the draft]

B. All codepoints that have some metadata is evaluated based on that  
metadata [This is what we do today, but the result is that some  
codepoints that are unassigned in Unicode will not end up being  

Most people so far have said A is the way to go.


P.S. I still do not understand why the draft is not in the repository.

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