Reserved general punctuation

Frank Ellermann hmdmhdfmhdjmzdtjmzdtzktdkztdjz at
Thu May 1 05:12:35 CEST 2008

Mark Davis wrote:

> *C. First test for noncharacters and default ignorable, then
> for unassigned*
> noncharacters => DISALLOWED
> (default ignorable) => DISALLOWED
> (gc=Cn - noncharacters - default_ignorable) => UNASSIGNED
> Advantage: we know that noncharacters and default ignorables
> will never be PVALID so we might as well indicate that.

[C] for convincing.  I'll try to watch what u+2705 does in the
next tables, anything different from u+260E (black telephone) 
would be suspicious.  Similar u+1D127 -> u+266D (music flat
sign) in another block, maybe these are all affected blocks:

It happens when a 3rd party standard is copied "as is" into a
block, eliminating (unifying) all dupes as "unssigned" within
the new block.


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