draft-klensin-idnabis-protocol-04 section 4.5

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Thu Mar 27 10:55:04 CET 2008

This section reads:

   The resulting U-label is converted to an A-label (i.e., the encoding
   of that label according to the Punycode algorithm [RFC3492] with the
   prefix included, i.e., the "xn--..." form).

That assumes that no U-label will be translated into a LDH-label.

In IDNA2003 some U-labels are translated to LDH-labels, for example:

ToASCII(josefßon) = josefsson
ToASCII(dªtªkonsult) = datakonsult

Note absence of xn-- prefix and punycode data.

Is the intention that these strings will not map to the same LDH label
in IDNA200x?


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