Proposed Charter for the IDNAbis Working Group

Andrew Sullivan ajs at
Wed Mar 26 15:40:30 CET 2008

Dear colleagues,

On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 07:08:52AM -0400, Vint Cerf wrote:

> charter for the IDNAbis Working Group has emerged. It is enclosed below and 
> as the proposed chair, I ask the participants in the IDNA-update 
> distribution list to confirm adoption of the charter. If there are no 

I like this version of the charter.  I think it makes clear the
decision points before the working group; it suggests a direction
while leaving open the possibility that the WG will determine
otherwise; and it states clearly that, if some fundamental assumptions
are not met, another charter will be in order (and that the WG will
stop working in that case).  This addresses any concern I previously
raised, so I support it.

Best regrds,


Andrew Sullivan
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