Changing the xn-- prefix

Patrik Fältström patrik at
Tue Mar 25 03:23:25 CET 2008

On 25 mar 2008, at 00.13, Shawn Steele wrote:

> I reread your original mail, and in particular I don't want to get  
> bogged down in the debate of details while trying to set the  
> guidelines, but I'd like to try for "A prefix change MUST be  
> avoided" (removing the condition).  If that's going to cause too  
> much randomization, then I'd back down, but the repercussions of  
> changing the prefix are huge.

I am personally in favor of text in the charter that say "The prefix  
xn-- MUST NOT be changed." where MUST NOT is defined according to the  
IETF definition in RFC 2119 (  
This put a constrain on the changes the wg is allowed to do to  
IDNA200X (not large so that the prefix has to change) -- at least not  
without rechartering.


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