Changing the xn-- prefix

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Mon Mar 24 22:08:05 CET 2008

Erik van der Poel skrev:
> I also support option 1 for the charter itself.
> I would prefer not to add a new prefix to the mix, but I believe that
> adding Eszett, ZWNJ and Final Small Sigma under the current prefix
> would not be easy either.
> The "opposite" problem of Tonos (where IDNA2003 does not do enough
> mapping, according to a Greek representative) may be quite difficult
> too.
> Note that IDNA2003 maps Eszett, ZWNJ and Final Small Sigma away, but
> does not map Tonos away. And the Greek representative seemed to think
> that the Tonos problem was bigger.
The Tonos problem was also "solved for IDNA2003" by the registry using 
bundling and judicious use of DNAME, if I understood Vaggelis' message 

This may be just a specific instance of "equality in the presence of 
combining marks is a language dependent issue", and thus something that 
IDNA200x should not attempt to solve.


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