Latest charter version and TODOs from BOF

Simon Josefsson simon at
Thu Mar 20 14:03:39 CET 2008

Lisa Dusseault <lisa at> writes:

> Here's the charter version (at bottom) that went up on the slides
> during the IDN BOF:  it's similar to the version that went for
> External Review, but I went ahead and made a few changes that seemed
> to have consensus during External Review (e.g. the name change to
> Here are the TODOs on the charter from the meeting:
>  - Consensus to be more specific which RFCs the new work would
> obsolete, vs update or leave alone

Lisa, I believe we have reached closure on this, based on the discussion
in <>.

I suggest to add the following text to the WG charter:

  The goal of the WG is to publish document(s) that obsolete RFC 3490
  (IDNA).  The status of other IDN-related documents, RFC 3454
  (StringPrep), RFC 3491 (NamePrep), and RFC 3492 (Punycode), will not
  be modified.

What do you think?


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