Proposal for the charter

John C Klensin klensin at
Thu Mar 13 13:43:12 CET 2008

Once again, I don't think this is worth spending time on because
I think the change is harmless (and pointless), so this will be
my last posting on the subject.    However, in the interest of
an important clarification that is involved with the context in
which IDNs are used...

--On Wednesday, 12 March, 2008 23:50 +0100 "Marcos Sanz/Denic"
<sanz at> wrote:

>> However, please note that the term "registry" is
>> introduced in RFC 1591 as applying to any entity that
>> maintains a zone file. 
> Not my reading of 1591. This RFC is only TLD-related.

>From RFC 1591 Section 1:

 # This memo provides some information on the structure of the
 # names in the Domain Name System (DNS), specifically the
 # top-level domain names; and on the administration of domains.

Please read that carefully (and as intended)... "structure...
specifically top-level"  "; and on administration...".   The
administration part applies to [all] domains, while "structure"
is mostly about TLDs.  The intent might have been ambiguous had
Jon put a comma before that "and", but the use of the semicolon
makes the distinction absolutely clear.  

and, from Section 3:

 # Most of these same concerns are relevant when a sub-domain
 # is delegated and in general the principles described here
 # apply recursively to all delegations of the Internet DNS
 # name space.


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