Proposal for the charter

Marcos Sanz/Denic sanz at
Wed Mar 12 23:50:41 CET 2008

> > My suggestion is to change the wording because it is too
> > "registration  centric": consider that the act of registration
> > generally only occurs at  the second or third level, towards a
> > domain name registry. However, we  want a solution applicable
> > to all levels of the DNS tree, where  delegations naturally
> > occur without any registration. For the matter at  stake, I
> > like the wording from RFC 3454, which makes a distinction
> > between  "stored strings" (which encompasses registered
> > domains, but then also  other kinds of storage like e.g.
> > entries in a certificate) and "queries"  (volatile existences
> > to be matched against stored identifiers).
> However, please note that the term "registry" is
> introduced in RFC 1591 as applying to any entity that maintains
> a zone file. 

Not my reading of 1591. This RFC is only TLD-related.

> I don't really care about this change one way or the other,
> I don't think this change is substantive.

Then let's make the change, i.e., if this is fine with Stephane, who 
originally brought up the issue this morning.

If everyone were pleased so easily... :-)

Best regards,

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