Proposal for the charter

Marcos Sanz/Denic sanz at
Wed Mar 12 19:26:29 CET 2008


Repeating here what I said at the BOF regarding the following sentence in 
the charter:

"Separate requirements for valid IDNs at registration time, vs. at 
resolution time".

My suggestion is to change the wording because it is too "registration 
centric": consider that the act of registration generally only occurs at 
the second or third level, towards a domain name registry. However, we 
want a solution applicable to all levels of the DNS tree, where 
delegations naturally occur without any registration. For the matter at 
stake, I like the wording from RFC 3454, which makes a distinction between 
"stored strings" (which encompasses registered domains, but then also 
other kinds of storage like e.g. entries in a certificate) and "queries" 
(volatile existences to be matched against stored identifiers). The 
proposed substitution could be

"To take into account the different nature of 'stored strings' vs 
'queries' (cf RFC 3454) and leverage on them to pursue interoperability 
with IDNA2003"

Best regards

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