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Mon Mar 10 09:24:37 CET 2008

--On Sunday, March 09, 2008 18:20:57 -0800 Mark Davis 
<mark.davis at> wrote:

> It's unclear exactly what you meant by your text, and exactly what you
> are testing. Let me try to be clearer about what I'm saying. The ordering
> of strings in general will differ according to the BIDI context; we're
> all clear on that. The question is what those contexts are, and how they
> are being tested. The main ones are:
> C0. <L> ... <teststring> ...
> C1. <R> ... <teststring> ...
> C2. <LRE>... <teststring> ... <PDF>
> C3. <RLE>... <teststring> ... <PDF>
> C4. <LRO> ... <teststring> ... <PDF>
> C5. <RLO> ... <teststring> ... <PDF>
> I have not tested, but believe, that C0 = C2, and C1 = C3. If you have a
> test that shows the contrary that would be useful to know, otherwise your
> text needs to be changed.

How many times do I have to repeat this?????????????


That is THE WHOLE POINT AND THE ONLY REASON for saying that "we make no 
guarantees on what will happen if BIDI formatting codes are used in the 
same paragraph".


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