sharp s (Eszett)

Erik van der Poel erikv at
Sun Mar 9 18:28:30 CET 2008

On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 8:55 AM, Georg Ochsner <g.ochsner at> wrote:
>  > Von: Erik van der Poel
> > Since MSIE7 is so widely installed, to me, this means that we probably
>  > have to reopen the discussion of whether we will switch to a new
>  > prefix.
> What is "widely" actually? Global estimates for MSIE7 vary from 25% - 45%.

Yes, that sounds like the right range, roughly. Anyway, it appears
that some people believe that the updating facilities of the vendors
will overcome the compatibility problems (if we decide to include
Eszett in IDNA200X).


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