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Georg Ochsner g.ochsner at
Sun Mar 9 18:21:24 CET 2008

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> Von: Mark Davis
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> decision. Remember, also, that a great many words of
> every language cannot be simply used as is with IDNA.
> One can't use many extremely common English words; for
> example, "can'" won't work.

Thanks very much for that point, because it basically reinforces why I thought I have to participate as a native German speaker... 

There is actually a big difference! While the apostrophe (') is a punctuation mark used here to mark an omission, the sharp s is a _letter_ of the German alphabet as written in Germany, Austria and other countries (not Switzerland) - and not equal to "ss".

> At this point, I really doubt that that the advantage
> of having ß outweighs the cost of either incompatibility
> with IDNA2003, or the morass that would be caused by a
> prefix change.

As far as I understood a prefix change would not be necessary.

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